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Well, you should be…it is expensive at most places!  But here’s the good news.  There are ways to make this healthy living care affordable.

First, Medicare provides a New Choices Waver opportunity that will pay for a good portion of the monthly care costs for Assisted Living for persons who are selected to receive that benefit.  See the following link for information and application dates:

Second, the Veterans Administration will assist in paying some of the costs for Assisted Living.   If you are a Veteran, contact your VA Center for information and assistance.

Third, by choosing carefully, you can select an Assisted Living Facility that provides what you need at an affordable price.  There are some wonderful facilities out there that provide lots of “bells and whistles” for living.  They’ll charge for elaborate facilities, large properties, many residents (and minimal ratio of nursing aid to resident ratio), extras for nursing care, meal plans and other types of assistance.  So, look carefully and see what your budget allows….and what you really want to find in a facility.

Brightwork Living may provide just the value answer that you are looking for!  Our value-oriented pricing provides all the services you need:  private bedroom and bathroom, all meals and snacks, medication administration, laundry, housekeeping, activities and bathing assistance, if needed.   All included in ONE monthly fee, with no sign-up fee or deposit.  And your first month is FREE!   We’ll be happy to work with your budget to provide what you want.

If you are looking for homelike comfort, located in neighborhoods and a feeling of calm, come to the cozy place, come to Brightwork Living!   We are located in neighborhoods, and we have sunny places with backyard gardens.  It’s a great value — one we hope you’ll afford and can enjoy.  We’d love to have you with us!