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Aging, of course, is a fact of life.  But HEALTHY aging can be contributed-to as a matter of choice and planning.   As people age, their minds sometimes diminish in strength as do their bodies.   So, keeping both aspects–mind and body–as strong as possible is important.

Some key contributors to reduced physical health are the following:

  • Not taking the proper medications daily as specified by a medical professional.
  • Not eating quality nutritious foods or enough of the right foods.
  • Not getting enough exercise or even sunlight.
  • Taking falls that injure the body and diminish physical strength or mobility.   That also effects the appetite, attitude and general health practices.

Assisted Living can help physically by providing the assistance that family caregivers may not be able to perform timewise or that are beyond the stamina of loved ones.   A routine of medication administration and nursing care oversight are typically provided.  Each person is assessed to determine their physical needs. Meals are planned by a dietician and thus there is a good nutritional profile for the meals and amounts–not too much, not too little, thus providing better nutritional assurance.   A plan for exercise and mobility around the facility are important parts of the Assisted Living experience.   And, having the daily opportunity to be outside and get sunlight and fresh air are very valuable.

With Assisted Living, there is assistance in mobility to make sure that falls are prevented as much as possible.

Attitude and mental ‘fitness’ are important too.  Assisted Living provides some socialization on a daily basis, along with some mental activities and a general appreciation of who each person really is.   Each person is valued and treated with dignity and care.

At Brightwork Living, we aim to honor and help each individual life with dignity and joy.  Each person is treated well in a homelike facility, located in neighborhoods….to feel just like home.   We want them to be happy AND healthy.