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Do you have to leave the comfort and security of your own home because your age or physical condition requires more constant care and attention?   Do you need Assisted Living?  If so, it is time to carefully assess your needs and desires.   Here are some good things to consider, and yes, you’ll find them at Brightwork Living. 

 First on the list are the basics of comfort.   You want a place that provides enough personal privacy that you can read, meditate and rest without unnecessary interruption.  But, you also want the freedom to roam about the property, if you choose, and to enjoy features like that of your own home….watch TV or listen to music, enjoy some sunlight on the porch, explore the yard and even do some gardening, wave at the neighbors.  Yes…just like at home. 

You also want security.   That includes things like careful personal care, safety and security in moving around the facility, assistance with medication or even bathing and clothing as necessary.  Just knowing that there is someone there all the time to watch out for your needs.

You want the food that looks good and tastes good.  Food that is planned by a dietician so it is good FOR you.   And, you want to know it is available!    Good home-cooked food is what you’d want if you were still at home. 

How about the things that you don’t want to do…the ‘chores’ you are happy to give up to others.   There’s laundry—done for you.  Housekeeping—done for you.  Food preparation (and clean-up)—done for you.    

You have the freedom to feel at home and have the time and comfort you want, along with the security and assurance that your loved ones want for you.  Come on home to Brightwork Living!  We’d love to have you with us.