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As adults reach their senior years, health and strength begin to fail and at some point, they may not be able to take care of themselves.    So, they need to rely on family or close friends to provide the physical, mental and emotional support that they require as they age.   Physical and mental functions that were so routine at earlier days—things that we take for granted now—require added support.   So, look carefully to select the services that are needed which provide the cost and value that you expect.

Family members or other loved ones often step-in to help, but the level of support needed may not be sufficient or sustainable, depending on their condition.   That’s where Assisted Living comes into play.

With Assisted Living, care is provided 24/7 in a licensed facility…a comforting solution!   But of course, there is a cost, and in many cases, it may be eye-popping.   Care givers (care payers) want to find a good value for the services their loved one requires, and that should be a cost-effective value.

What do Assisted Living Communities offer?

There is a variation in support provided, so you’ll want to look closely at what you get versus what you pay for.   Services should include a private bedroom and bathroom, all meals and sufficient snacks—prepared with quality and variety and with well-planned nutrition.   Also, the basic needs of housekeeping, laundry and any physical assistance needed, such as with bathing or showering, eating and medication assistance.

How much am I paying versus what do I get for my loved one?

That is really the value equation.   If you feel like you are paying too much for what you get, then there is lower value!   You want services that are affordable within the budget available.   You don’t want to pay for “bells and whistles” or unnecessary frills.   You also don’t want to pay for a ‘big corporate name,’ or a fancy building, if what is needed and affordable is less ‘spendy.’

At Brightwork Living, we work hard to provide a great value for services provided.   Services that are of high quality AND at a great cost-effective price!