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Can you spell “Sticker Shock?”  Yes, that is clearly one of the first reactions when considering Assisted Living for yourself or a loved one.

We know this is a challenging topic.  It is difficult when a person loses the capacity to take care of his/her home, property or even themselves.   Whether that comes with advancing age, a severe injury, some medical or even mental infirmity, it is difficult to no longer be independent and self-reliant.   And very often, the people that you love no longer have the capacity to provide really good daily care without risk.   Realizing that this is the case means moving away from a residence that may have provided comfort and familiarity for years!  Difficult indeed.

Brightwork Living is prepared to help you!  Our aim is to add luster, dignity, safety and comfort to each person who comes to us, looking for love and personal care.   Our Assisted Living facilities provide cozy homelike environments, located in neighborhoods, with the amenities of home:  great living room with TV viewing, open sun-lit porches, yards filled with green lawn, comfortable open kitchens with great home-cooked meals each day.   And the other conveniences that make living more comfortable—laundry and housekeeping, medication assistance and personal care including showering or bathing assistance, if needed. 

Other places can do what we do, but you may be in a ‘people factory’ where there are dozens of residents waiting to be taken care of.  Here, you are one of a few, so you get personal attention. 

Here’s the key thing:  at the big corporate places, you pay for fancy facilities, big overhead costs, large marketing budgets and ‘frills’ that may not matter to you. 

Declare independence from high priced living.   Call today for our incredible summer offer and get in for our remaining openings.   We’ll be delighted to have you.  Welcome home!