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Senior Citizens need a lot of things, just like all of us.  It starts with love, just as in the old ‘60s song “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.”  Yes, that and a lot more.   If you are looking for an Assisted Living facility or need some respite by using Adult Day Care/Adult Enrichment, here are five things to look for.

1.      Quality of care.   Is there love and compassion in the care that is being provided, or do you feel like you are in a ‘human factory?’  Walk around and listen to the conversation.  Watch the expressions on the faces of the care givers and residents/clients.  Do you see and feel warmth and real care or just a basic “job” being performed?

 2.      Independence.  After a life of enjoying some independence, a senior cannot be stripped of it all at once. This can cause a lot of bitterness and anxiety. Ideally, a senior will never have to lose their sense of independence completely.   Look for a place that allows and facilitates as much independence as possible.   That includes places to move, things to do, the ability to express themselves and contribute in small ways to the community they dwell in.

3.      Mobility and safety.  Are there grab bars in the shower areas?   Are there places that could cause a trip or a fall?   Is the facility in a safe location?   Do you sense a real attention to safety in the facility?   Are the staff prepared and focused on helping each client/resident be as mobile as possible?  

4.      Social Interaction.  Just because a senior might require more down time or quieter places, he or she most likely still wants to be able to socialize with others on a regular basis.   You will want to look at activity schedules and they places that seniors interact with others in the facility to insure good socialization.

 5.      Family and Friends.   It is important to note that seniors want and relish the continued companionship, visits and loved from their family members and friends.   Look for places that the senior can meet with others and enjoy the conversations and fun that they want.  Is there an “open door” attitude from the staff so that visitors can come and go without a lot of restrictions or interference?

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