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Welcome to Brightwork Living – The Cottage!

Brightwork Living – The Cottage on Stratford provides a licensed program/facility for seniors who may have memory loss or confusion, a physical disability, the need for assistance with personal care, and those who need companionship while usual care-givers are away. Feel right at home!

We are here to serve seniors needing a safe, structured and supervised environment during daytime hours. Our caring and trained staff provide fun, activities & entertainment, lunch & snacks, and so much more at our homelike facility! We are equipped to serve seniors who are experiencing memory loss and dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease.

We are also here to provide much needed respite from the full-time challenges of being a caregiver by caring for your loved one while you are at work, school and all the busy places our lives take us. Even if you just feel overwhelmed and need a break, we are here to serve you!

Day services at the Cottage are an affordable way to keep your loved safe and well cared for during regular working hours. When compared to the cost of moving into a full-time care facility, it’s easy to see the sense in keeping your loved one at home at night and on weekends…as long as that provides sufficient care. In addition, staying connected to family, friends, church, and the community is one of the best ways to maintain a stable and healthy environment.

We provide the following day care activities:

Daily Exercise Groups

Active Games

Intellectually Stimulating Activities

Arts & Crafts

Music & Entertainment

Weekly Community Outings

Reminiscence Groups

Current Events Discussions

Outdoor Activities

Gardening Groups

Social Activities & Parties

Table Games

The Role of Senior Day Services

Senior Day Services assists adults to maintain their independence, improve their quality of life and prevent premature institutionalization, thereby allowing them to remain at home with family and friends.

The Benefits of Senior Day Services

Seniors at Brightwork Living Cottage benefit from a safe and homelike environment where nutritious meals and snacks are served, medications are monitored, personal care is given, and the opportunity to socialize and build friendships is found. Family members or friends acting as caregivers find respite from constant care, and benefit from the opportunity to run errands, meet appointments, continue their careers or schooling, and to rest.

Services at the Cottage include:

Activities geared to the individual interests and abilities of those attending

Community outings including trips to museums, canyons, parks, bowling, etc.

Full lunch and snacks prepared in accordance with federal nutritional guidelines

Transportation to and from our facility

Services at Brightwork Living Cottage are offered at both an hourly and daily rate. Transportation can also be provided at a cost dependent upon distance from the Cottage. Individuals may pay privately or through arrangements with state or federal aging services programs, long-term insurance plans or other. Brightwork strives to build relationships and establish contracts with these various entities to give individuals the greatest amount of flexibility.

Brightwork Living Cottage operates between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

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