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Is It Time For Senior Living?

Senior living (Assisted Living) is designed for older adults or those with conditions that require constant care. These are people who value their independence and their dignity but need some support with daily activities.

The following factors suggest that it may be time for a new living solution:

Home and yard maintenance is becoming troublesome

Independent showering or bathing is difficult

Safe movement around a home is a serious concern

Meals, medicine or other commitments are routinely forgotten

Constant personal observation and care are becoming very much needed

How About Adult Day Care?

If someone that you love can’t be left alone during the day, but has adequate care in the evenings, then Adult Day Care may be the loving solution.

With our adult day care services, we provide:

A loving and caring environment, just like home

Dedicated and fully-trained staff

Delicious home-cooked meals, planned by a dietician

Daily activities

Medication administration

Transportation to and from the normal home setting

Senior Care Can Be a Difficult Decision

We recognize that the decision surrounding personal care for a loved one can be very difficult.

Their quality of life and quality of care are important considerations. People don’t want to be lonely, forgotten nor mistreated. They want a sense of belonging, yet to have dignified privacy and a quality of life that involves great food, enjoyable activities and skilled caring attention.

At Brightwork Living, we are committed to help in the decision process and to provide a living environment that is homelike, caring, safe, and healthy!

Choose Brightwork Living to provide attentive care for the ones you love. Feel right at home. Nearby and close to you.

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